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Key Management System

Are you getting frustrated with overdue keys? Then you are in the right place. With PropCare’s key management system, all these worries will come to an end.


Key management systems are a series of devices that keep track of physical keys for various rooms throughout the building, including apartment units, amenity spaces, and offices.

Visitor Management
Key Management

The key management system is utilised by both residents and property staff to make sure that visitors whom you trust can retrieve keys and unlock the doors whenever they need access.

Our key management system provides services for all types of real estate buildings, from single-family houses and multi-family homes to shopping centres and office buildings. With our knowledgeable staff, you receive complete guidance in areas such as marketing strategies and maintenance.

PropCare instantly alerts you to the status of the keys, anytime and anywhere. With an easy installation process, it is designed with great ease, which makes it completely user-friendly. We ensure that there are no more lost keys or frustrated searches; with us you will receive regular live updates, automated alerts and easy checkouts.

We make sure to discuss your needs, understand your concerns, and then assist you in making a viable decision. Our innovative strategy helps to save time and reduces human error. Trust PropCare for all your key management system for property management.


  • We make sure to double the security measures. As a result, we protect both your property and your personnel with a PropCare Key management system for property management.
  • We provide better control of your property assets. All your property data is secured with us.
  • We set up an alarm and an alert that you receive via message or text when the keys are not returned.
  • Our key management system has an offline release option that helps keep it operational in case the code or electronic card is down.
  • We make it simple to track who has accessed the keys and reduce the burden of spending time who has the keys or where are the keys.
  • Reduce the chance of the keys being stolen or lost.
  • Reduce agent or employee liability and also help to identify missing keys.

Furthermore, we enable you to quickly locate the location of the keys in an emergency and revoke people who have used or damaged them. 


The real estate industry can be demanding; hence, this is why PropCare has launched a range of tech solutions that help manage day-to-day tasks, with managing property keys being the most significant segment.

PropCare key management system works on multiple grounds:

  • We have designed a super-fast and easy check-in and check-out facility is specifically designed to make work more convenient and easy. With the light highlight, you get in and out with a flash.
  • We provide color-coded tags along with LED hooks to track your keys.
  • We enable reconciliation with one glance, which gives you a super-quick way to stay on top.
  • PropCare provides identification of the keys with an app. With just one tap, you can get an overview of which keys are where.

PropCare, Key management system is a wonderful option for all those who don’t want to worry about organizing, tracking and managing their keys.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  4.5 / 43 Reviews , 
I never worry about losing the keys.

Manoj Saxena

There is nothing worse than losing your keys, thanks that I came across Propcare Key management system for property management. Now I never worry about losing the keys. The team is great and extremely co-operative in all aspect. Whether you want to know where your keys are or are looking for specific key, PropCare is a one stop solution for all.


How does key management work?

The key management system is the basis of all data security related to property. With our hassle-free and quick facility, we make sure that you get an overview of your property keys.

What is the benefit of depositing my property keys with Propcare?

With the PropCare key management system, you not only get access to identify missing keys but also can reserve keys you need, check in and out instantly, secure the keys from theft, help eliminate inefficiencies and save time, and eliminate human errors.

Do I get any written agreement or proof when depositing the key?

Definitely Yes, We, at PropCare, believe in customer satisfaction, so we provide everything in writing when you deposit your property keys with us.

Visitor Management System

PropCare’s visitor management system allows residential as well as commercial properties to check, verify, and track each and every guest entering the property. This makes sure that every visitor coming into the property is a verified guest of the building.


Visitor Management

Through this, we help to set up a healthy and positive visitor experience while protecting and securing tenants from all potential threats. This seamless experience alerts the tenant when their guest or any visitor arrives at their property.

We aim to provide a safe, secure, and hassle-free experience for tenants and visitors and provide our clients with effective and hassle-free service and experience by utilising advanced technology.

From screening people ahead of arrival to following appropriate guidelines, we do not compromise on your security and at the same time integrate to maintain your complete privacy. Our motive is security without compromise. Contact us for Best visitor management system India.


A Visitor management system India aids in the recording of visitor or guest information or data, as well as the reason for their visit, so that tenants are notified of their visit or arrival.

Using visitor management software, we register and keep track of the visitors entering your premises. Here, the visitor enters their information, which includes their pin number along with their personal information. This information is saved in the system. We help to capture, track, and store the entire visitor’s information.

  • Through Visitor management system for apartments, we pre-register visitors to your property and provide modern check-in services.
  • Through the software, we let the visitor sign the documents before entering the premises.
  • Our Visitor management system for apartments sent a real-time notification to the tenant about the visitor’s arrival.


Organizations now need to manage health risks as well as other potential risks; hence, this is where visitor management systems come into the picture. Let us state the importance of visitor management systems briefly.

  • Now a day paper sign in using long book can be a draining task hence, visitor management system uses software to digitise these processes. This enables you to set up a seamless workflow.
  • Assist in cost-cutting measures. The increase in staffing at the entrance and reception will end up adding extra cost; switching to a visitor management system will automatically reduce the cost. It frees up human resources.
  • You gain better visibility into visitor activity.
  • We help to maintain and enhance the safety of your workplace. From body temperature screening to safety masks, the technology does it all.
  • Finally, it will provide your visitor with a first-rate and memorable first impression. In short, it improves visitors’ check-in and check-out experiences.
  • Keeps a record of the visitors entering and leaving the premises.
  • Notifies you in the event of an unforeseen situation or an emergency
  • provides round-the-clock service
  • Ensures compliance, where the visitor must meet the guidelines or requirements and submit all the related documents.

An effective visitor management system India will help you keep track of visitors and will keep your organisation productive and running.


The ability to quickly access visitors, contractor, or guests on site or in the premises is one of the most important advantages of a visitor management system. PropCare provides a dashboard and real-time data that sends notifications to tenants in order to follow complete data compliance, provide better visibility where information is captured and registered, enhance brand image, and reduce overhead costs.

  • We assist in reducing manual processes and increasing digital efficiency.
  • Support the staff and provide a personalised and customised customer experience.
  • Enable a fully customised workflow
  • We help you stay compliant and handle visitors’ data effectively.
  • Visitor management system for apartments, help to maintain employee well-being.
  • We provide visitor pre-registration.


Who uses visitor management systems?

Visitor management systems are utilised mostly by schools and universities, corporate office buildings, doctor offices and hospitals, hotels, and residential buildings. Basically, it is for any visitor, employee, or guest who enters your space.

How a visitor management system works?

When the visitors enter the premises, they fill in their details, sign digitally, and take their photo along with other documents. Through the visitor management system, the tenant gets alert notification that the guests have arrived. This helps to maintain privacy while also protecting against theft and other unfortunate situations.

What updates do I get from your visitor management system?

We host a real-time alert wherein a visitor or any guest entering the premises is notified via text or email. You receive the information about the person entering the premises, and it gets saved in the system.

Rental Property Management: Rent Your Property Quicker

Prop Care, a prominent rental property management company in Gurgaon, offers innovative services with a customer-centric approach. We envision transforming the way real estate advisory and transactional services have been going on for decades.

Offering its gamut of services, PropCare has created 2500+ HNI relationships, managed assets worth 9600 Cr+, executed 1200+ transactions, and provided assistance to 23+ family offices.

At Propcare, we provide end-to-end property management services. We handle everything from the site visit to handing over the keys to the new tenant. Moreover, all our services are background-verified.

We have a dedicated professional team that follows a strict process and delivers exceptional service. With the motive of reducing stress, we have developed a comprehensive solution for all your property-related problems making it completely hassle free experience for you. In short we help you rent, sell and manage your property.

Our Property Rent Management Services Include:

PropCare, a prominent property rent Management Company in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, offers innovative property management services with a customer-centric approach.

We are one of the fastest growing rental property management companies in India, offering a gamut of services.

Services that we offer:

  • Marketing and Letting: This involves the action of renting out property. We make sure to follow exclusive ways to market your most valued possession. In order to create a positive outlook on your property, we use numerous ways to market the rental.
    • Professional photo shoot of the property.
    • Through Professional Video
    • Sending out luxury mailers
    • Setting alerts across social media platforms
    • Sending out brochures
  • Tenancy Management: Right from finding/evicting and dealing/coordinating with the tenants as per the owner’s wish to bringing down the cost, we cater to all. How do we go about property rent management?
    • Follow-up on the rental
    • Timely Rental Collection
    • Any tenancy issues will be coordinated.
    • Periodic inspection in between tenancies
    • Possession or takeover from an existing tenant to hand over the property to the new tenant.
  • Rent Collection and Deposit: Well, this is a tedious task. PropCare helps to reduce the stress of follow-up with the tenant and by the property owner. We collect the rent from the tenant in a timely manner and deposit it directly into the bank account of the landlord on the same day. We also cater to rental escalations and renewals.
  • Possession Assistance: We reduce the hassle by taking possession from the developer. This service is for those who own multiple assets or those who are not staying in the same city. We make sure to:
    • Thoroughly inspect and follow up calls with the developer.
    • Proving an accurate and detailed accounting report.
    • Detailed documentation of legal formalities
    • Coordination until the physical handover of keys.
  • Property Maintenance and Repair: This is also one of the major tasks. It involves a completed diagnosis and resolution of the problem. We make sure to do a regular 200-point check inspection on the property on a periodic basis.
    • A detailed periodic inspection of the property
    • Generation of repair and maintenance reports detailing issues.
    • Hiring a professional vendor to resolve the issue
    • Supervision of the execution of the repair with a professional vendor
  • Interior Design for Rental Home: We make your life easier by taking care of the interior design. What we do in interiors:
    • Modular wardrobe
    • Modular kitchen
    • False Ceiling
    • Lightning, electrical fittings, and other miscellaneous fittings and fixtures.

How Rental management works at Propcare

You can be the part of PropCare property rent management in four easy steps. Our fours step comprises of the following:

  • Online subscription to special Propcare packages
  • Payment and online contract signing
  • Generation of property management schedule
  • Access online dashboard to view activities related to property

We offer a highly ingenious, personalised dashboard that helps to update users on the way their properties are performing and continuously updates them on the status of the activities that take place in the rental property management.

Property Management Online Dashboard

Benefits of Renting with Us

With our help, you can automate your rental property management. We manage day-to-day operations, cleanings, inspections, lettings, interiors, and possession takeover assistance; as well as reporting procedures, customer service, and any other issues relating to your asset.

At PropCare, we understand the needs of the customer before we get into any project and make sure to deliver on our promise of excellence.

  • We help you get a tenant five times faster.
  • We believe in trustworthiness where you feel that your property is safe with us.
  • 15+ years of advisory expertise
  • We follow efficient marketing techniques for a better price.
  • We provide Complete Lease Management.
  • Tenants are verified and background checked by our team of professionals.
  • We provide customer dashboards that allow them to check the tenant’s payment and dues without any worry.
  • Provide an experienced legal expert to manage your matter smoothly and wisely.
  • We bring you the best services, personally checked and managed by a dedicated property manager.
  • Provide an end-to-end rental property management service backed by a team of professionals.
  • We design interiors for your rental properties.
  • Our property rent management company have a dedicated customer relationship team who is available throughout the year.

PropCare – Your Trusted Rental Management Company

You must be wondering what makes us exceptional in the market; this is something all rental property management company does right?

So let us highlight our USP:

  • 15+ years of advisory expertise
  • 2500+ HNI relationships.
  • Tenants are verified and background checked by our team of professionals.
  • We provide customer dashboards that allow them to check the tenant’s payment and dues without any worry.
  • We provide an experienced legal expert to manage your matter smoothly and wisely.
  • We bring you the best services, personally checked and managed by a dedicated property manager to cater to all your rental management system.
  • We design interiors for your rental properties.
  • Our rental management system has till dated managed assets worth over 9600 Cr.
  • Executed 1200+ transactions and provided assistance to 23+ family offices.


Do you perform background checks on tenants?

Yes, that’s one of our USPs. Our team of professionals verifies and background checks tenants.

How do I get updates about my property?

We have a professional dashboard that gives you the entire update on your property or rental management system.

What are the services you provide?

Whether it is marketing your property, tenant management, rent collection, deposit, or providing interior design to rental homes, at PropCare we cater to all.

Why do I need a Rental property management?

A timely maintenance of your rental property can help you avoid potential lawsuit and save time, money and of course energy in the long run. Moreover, it keeps your property safe.

What if the tenant damages the property?

In the situation like this the tenant would have to pay the landlord for the repair work.

Property Marketing: Your Property Management Marketing Company

PropCare, a Real Estate Marketing Agency is a one-stop solution in the field of rental management solely based on the mission of “trust.”

From listing your property, which includes complete tenant screening, negotiation, and agreement, tenant management, rent collection and deposit, interiors, and maintenance, to assigning a personal and dedicated property manager, we at PropCare provide the customer with a complete solution that is end-to-end management of your property.

Having served more than 10,000+ happy customers across 10+ cities makes us one of the most preferred real estate marketing agency all over India.

In addition, our team of experts handles all rental paperwork, which reduces your burden of travelling to your home.

We document and update the entire rental process online; giving you complete visibility into what is going on. This helps you keep an eye on your property on a regular basis.

From cleaning to maintenance to regular fixes in the house, our real estate marketing agency help you keep your home perfect in the best possible way. With us you will enjoy hassle free property management services at your doorstep.

Property Management Marketing Services

Our Real estate marketing agency manages and oversees all aspects of commercial and residential property management in India. We follow a complete and comprehensive process that begins with finalising terms and is followed by marketing your property and tenant finalization, including necessary paperwork.

With our automated platform, we help you with thorough property management services, including conducting regular periodic inspections, collecting rent, and providing quick repairs.

Equipped with operational efficiency, our property management company utilise an enhanced platform to give customers the best possible experience. In order to meet your goal, our team of professionals provides a complete solution, which makes the work hassle-free.

Offering multiple services Right from finding the right tenant to regularly maintaining your property, PropCare, one of the most property management company brings you solutions backed by a team of experts.

All you have to do is select the service and package that best suits your needs, and we will get to work protecting and improving your property. So try us and see the difference.

What Makes Propcare the Best Choice for Real estate marketing agency?

Propcare provides you with a bespoke experience. Understanding customers’ requirements is our utmost priority where we offer integrated commercial and residential property management services. There are several reasons that make us the best property management company:

  • We help you get a tenant five times faster.
  • Provide periodic home inspection
  • On time rent collection and deposit
  • Provide tenant only after complete background check
  • We provide a dedicated relationship manager
  • On demand repair services
  • We have 15+ years of advisory expertise
  • Provide an end-to-end rental property management service backed by a team of professionals.
  • We design interiors for your rental properties.
  • We follow efficient marketing techniques for a better price.
  • We believe in trustworthiness where you feel that your property is safe with us.
  • We provide customer dashboards that allow them to check the tenant’s payment and dues without any worry.
  • With us you get affordable first class service

Hire Propcare, property Management Company and give yourself a first class and wonderful experience.

Home Inspection Services

Buying and selling a property can be a roller coaster ride that comes with multiple things, including a home inspection.

The property inspection is the buyer’s last chance to discover and learn about the property’s flaws before purchasing it.

Home Inspection Checklist

What to expect during the home or property inspection:

  • Foundation of the house: To determine whether the house has a risen or slab foundation, to check for structural issues such as cracks, sagging, window alignment, etc.
  • Grounds inspection includes the inspection of sidewalks and drive ways.
  • Roofs: From inspecting the age and condition of the roof to looking for damage, inspecting the vents, and the gutters to ensure proper drainage. It also includes checking the soundness of the chimney.
  • HVAC: During property inspection services we check whether everything is working properly and smoothly. Looking for signs of wear and tear in the system. Also, we make sure that the air filters are clean.
  • Plumbing: Here the general property inspection includes checking the wear and tear, function, and safety.
  • Electrical: It includes looking for any visible wiring and ensuring that everything is up to code. Checking the outlets, fans, circuit breakers, and light fixtures
  • Walls and ceilings: Looking for obvious cracks and leaks to check if paint and wall coverings are in good condition or not.
  • Flooring: Checking for cracks and leaks in the flooring.
  • Windows and doors: To check whether windows and doors open and latch properly,
  • Appliances: Checking the functioning of the appliances. These include the microwave, refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, and other appliances.

A detailed property inspection includes complete visual examination of the home from top to bottom.

Purpose of a Home Inspection

If you are the one who is thinking of purchasing a home and wondering if you should skip home inspection, well, you should give it some thought. Let us explain the actual purpose of a home inspection.

A home inspector services helps point out any flaws in the house with the sole purpose of revealing issues that could endanger the residents’ lives and safety.

Please keep in mind that a home or property inspection services has simply nothing to do with the aesthetic beauty of the property or home. For instance, the peeling of the wall paint is not a concern, but the faulty switchboard is a matter of concern for the property inspection services.

A home inspector services covers potentially life-threatening issues like faulty wiring that can end up causing great damage.

The purpose of a home inspection is basically twofold. Aside from providing the buyer with peace of mind that the property they are purchasing is in good condition and free of any potential damage, an inspection report can also be used by the seller to identify areas or sections that require repair.

A home inspector services ensures that both the buyer and seller are aware of the property’s condition prior to sale. They help you detect major defects that will cost the buyer a huge amount of money above the purchase price to repair. In short, identifying issues beforehand saves more expenses in the future, which in turn gives you a smoother contribution to deal with.

Property inspection will not only assist with new construction, but you will also receive an unbiased opinion on the structural component of real estate property and also help you make the right investment.

Once the property inspection is complete, you will be provided with a complete report of what the property inspector has completed. So trust home inspector services and leave all your property hassle to them.

Why PropCare?

At PropCare, we understand the importance of your time and effort; hence, we have a dedicated team of professionals who follow the said guidelines and deliver the services with due diligence.

  • We make it five times easier for you to find a tenant.
  • 15+ years of advisory expertise
  • 2500+ HNI relationships.
  • We follow efficient marketing techniques for a better price.
  • Complete Lease Administration
  • Our team of professionals verifies and background checks tenants.
  • We provide customer dashboards that allow them to check the tenant’s payment and dues without any worry.
  • We provide an experienced legal expert to manage your matter smoothly and wisely.
  • We bring you the best services, personally checked and managed by a dedicated property manager.
  • We provide an end-to-end property management service backed by a team of professionals.
  • We design interiors for your rental properties.
  • Manage assets worth more than $9600 million.
  • Executed more than 1200 transactions and provided assistance to more than 23 family offices.
  • Finally, we treat your property as if it were our own. 

Property Inspection for Commercial and Residential Properties

Property inspections roughly fall into two main categories: commercial and residential. No doubt both are of similar type in terms of purpose, but they are quite different in a number of ways.

Each home comes with its own unique character, which makes one different from the other; hence, inspecting one is the same as inspecting the other.

A commercial property inspection, on the other hand, comes with its own unique set of skills. Though home inspections can be done with one inspector, it is not the same with commercial properties; commercial property inspection requires multiple inspectors.

For us, home is an immense investment for life. Right from providing a complete inspection of each and every minute area of the home to forming a report on all the examinations and surveys in a timely manner for the client, we cater to all.

Our thorough home inspection report helps you in purchase negotiations, warranty repair, or when it comes to making future maintenance decisions.

During commercial property inspection, we cover five major aspects: roofing, structural integrity, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems.

Through our report, we discuss each building system and list all the significant concerns or defects that were found during the inspection.


When do you need a property Inspection?

Home inspections are basically carried out to examine the condition and safety of your property; hence, the ideal time would be before buying or selling the property.

What are the advantages of home inspection for homebuyers?

A home inspector is aware of where and what to look for and provides you with an impartial opinion on the structural components of the home, which gives you a clear picture of any potential problems before closing the deal. Helping to improve property procurement cost which the buyer must complete before finalising the agreement.

What checks are done under property inspection services?

A home inspection includes a complete analysis of the property’s health and safety, which includes the building’s flooring, walls, doors, ceilings, electrical fittings, leakage, dampness, doors, and windows.

How much does a typical property Inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies according to the type of inspection and the area of the property. It is priced per square foot.

What is Flat Management System?

It is necessary to use a software application known as the Flat Management System or Apartment Management System to manage the information or data of the apartment or flat.

These are the systems that are designed to collect the data and information so that the tenants and the property owner can easily enjoy the entire process of rent collection, maintenance, etc.

In other words, if you move to a different city and rent a home, there are plenty of things that need to be looked after, including property management, billing, payment, and others. Since the owner will not be able to manage so many things, there is software that looks after these things and keeps track of all the records.

Flat Management System – What it does?

Flat Management does a variety of things; here are a few examples:

  • Rent Payment Filtering: The flat management system helps the users keep records as well as track of all the rent information, which includes the following: rent payment, late fees, maintenance charges, and various other things.
  • Keep track of all the tenant information and data: The apartment management system keeps a record of the tenant, which is very important when it comes to renting property.
  • Income and expenses: Keeping track of all the income and expenses of a specific property is most important, and the flat management system does that. Apartment management system help in deciding the cash flow, profitability, and expenses of the property.
  • Vacancy tracking: Apartment management system assists in determining which properties are vacant, occupied, or under notice. 

Benefit of Opting Flat Management with us

We all know how the real estate system is operating now. One big implementation is the flat management system or apartment management system. So here is the question: why opt for flat management with us? Let us understand.

  • We monitor the maintenance because we all know that poor maintenance leads to the worst-case scenario. Thankfully, we have a system that helps us with this. With us, there would be no headache for the maintenance of the property.
  • We provide 24×7 support and complete customer loyalty, and we are there to provide outstanding help anytime. With device alerts and personalised marketing, our team will make the customer feel more valued and appreciated.
  • Property inspection is not only time-consuming but requires detailing as well. Here, we help you write down all the details and provide you with an informative report. In short, we help you save a great deal of time by providing you with an in-depth report.
  • It is critical to thoroughly investigate all prospective tenants. We use a comprehensive tenant screening process and conduct a thorough background check to ensure that the information provided is accurate.
  • We help to enhance the visibility of your property. With our well-developed software, we provide unprecedented support for your property with accurate real-time features, updates, and many more things. This helps you have a complete overview of the information that will boost your activities and finances.
  • From accounting to monitoring, we provide the owner with complete detail and an overall picture of their property.
  • Data tracking is the most important factor. We track everything and generate the essential report.
  • We help to facilitate easy payments from the tenant and make the entire process easy and seamless.

PropCare : Your Trusted Flat Management Company

Average Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, 4.9 (227 Ratings & Reviews)

PropCare, one of India’s fastest-growing flat management companies, has been in operation for a decade, providing transparent, flawless, and trustworthy services with the click of a button around the world.

From marketing your rentals, advertising, rent collection and deposit, screening of the tenant, and repairs and maintenance, we provide an end-to-end flat management system. Having served around 5000+ properties, we have been a pioneer in this field.

From trustworthiness and seamless communication to providing complete peace of mind to the customer, we at PropCare are there to protect and safeguard the owner’s interests at any time.


What is Flat Management?

Flat management is nothing but software that helps in the seamless operation of commercial and residential properties.

What are the services available under flat management system?

The flat management system offers complete residential and commercial oversight and takes care of the services for day-to-day repairs and on-going maintenance and upkeep of the property.

What are flat management fees?

A property manager charges a certain amount of fees to manage the property, which are based on the size and square footage of the property and the services that will be provided.

How frequently will I receive report from flat management company?

The reports can be provided either monthly or on a quarterly basis.

11 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designing Company for your Rental Home

Home is like an anchor, a refuge from the flaming arrows of anxiety, pain, sorrow, and tension, a place where you are loved the most, and you relax the most. It isn’t just four walls; it’s your happy place. So it is imperative to design your abode in a way that nurtures and cherishes life-long memories. Interior Designing is an art, and home is the canvas that reflects one’s real lifestyle.

The intrinsic state-of-art décor reflects one’s personality and taste. While some may prefer having a home featuring a modern and classy interior, others may like an aesthetic appeal.

Getting the plan ready for interior designing
Getting the plan ready for interior designing

A cosy bedroom, a happy corner, a relaxing balcony, a vibrant living room, a semi-open kitchen, a luxurious bath—what’s your idea of interior designing? Yes, no wonder you can design your house with lavish furnishings or even with some DIY interior design ideas, but having expert advice while designing your home can prove beneficial.

Easing the peril of home décor, especially the properties that are up for rental, an interior designing company in India can take up the daunting task of designing your home, suiting your preferences besides incorporating their wealth of experience. So, if you are still in a dilemma about whether to hire an interior designer for your rental property, here are a few reasons that will change your mindset.

interior designing work going on
Interior Designing work

Benefits of having an Interior Designer by your side

  1. Time Effective

Interior designing is much more than buying expensive and beautiful pieces and placing them in your house. It is a multi-layer process which is time-consuming. Interiors done in haste can turn to be a complete mess that your idea of a dream home. This is where the interior design company, having an array of expert interior designers and interior designing templates, comes to your rescue.

From preparing a functional design space to purchasing the essentials, the designers have years of expertise to anticipate the obstacles and get the job done within a fixed deadline.

Save yourself the time by hiring an interior designer
  1. Receiving a professional assessment

Interior designing is a delicate balance between art and science, and the interior designer has earned the apprenticeships on what needs to be done. They have trained pairs of eyes who can see through areas you are bound to miss.

These interior designers hailing from various interior design companies in India have vast knowledge. They will work in collaboration to understand your preferences and design a plan of action best suited for your requirements. 

  1. More Functional Home

Interior designers are not only to select matching curtains, wall paints, and sofas; they leverage their knowledge in making every available space useful. They can turn any space into a utility area by reinvigorating the interior design that will not only make your house more functional but will give a classy and modern look. Interior designers can customize any space and replicate a 3D model so you get an idea of how the finished space will look like.

Functional Home Decoration with plants
Fresh & Functional Home Decoration
  1. You will need a qualified liaison

An expert interior designer is key to your dream home. They have the skill in dealing with building owners, architects, and contractors. As for renovating a home up for rental, these designers can tactfully resolve the repairs and give your home a new look, thereby increasing your property value. This will save you time and renovate your property within an affordable budget.

interior designers planning
Expert Home Interior Designers
  1. Cost Effective

Have you ever bought expensive furniture from a home decor outlet to find that it doesn’t match your interior? Have you spent thousands on getting that perfect colour shade for your walls? Although it may sound like an oxymoron because you need to pay the interior designer their fees, they can save you from the hassle and help recreate the exact designs to increase your home value. Besides, if you are on a tight budget, a designer will help bring out the best value within that budget.

  1. Better contacts and resources

It is perilous to find the right resources to renovate your abode. But the interior design companies in India are professionals who have reliable connections with plumbers, electricians, or contractors. They also work in close collaboration with architects, so if any segment of your house needs a repair, they will get it done in a jiffy.

Besides, designers have access to various fabrics and products which are not available for commoners. Leveraging such resources can make your home look unique.

  1. A stylish child-friendly home

While renovating your home, you need not compromise on the style to make your abode child-friendly if you hire an interior designer. They have access to kid-friendly products that are stylish yet durable, thereby saving your money from unnecessary expenditures.

child friendly interior designs
Child Friendly Interior Designs
  1. Luxurious living in a compact space

Removing the cutter isn’t enough when thinking of giving your property for rent. With an interior designer by your side, you can enhance your rentals by giving your house a spacious look. These skilled professionals can renovate a compact space in a way that exhibits serene and cohesive décor in a small space. They can give an eye-catching interior décor to your house, which will become the wow factor for your rental property.

  1. Reviving the old heritage with a new touch

Are you wondering how an old bookshelf or an antique wall clock will seamlessly blend in with your new home décor? Put in a little trust in the designers from the interior design company in India, and they can work wonders with their magic wands. These professionals can amalgamate traditional architecture with a modern touch that will give your abode a magnificent outlook.

Old heritage revived by Interior Designers
Old heritage revived by Interior Designers
  1. Space to pursue your passion and profession

Dreaming of incorporating a yoga room, a hidden bar, or a customized office space within the home—interior designers can make the impossible seamlessly possible within any given space. This will surely be a valuable addition to your home décor, attract potential tents, enhance the overall look, and you can earn more rental income!

  1. The Wow Factor

Various home decor companies in India have skilled designers who can think out-of-the-box when it comes to designing a residential space creatively. Not only will they craft an amicable design, but they supervise it to bring perfection. They will create a customized interior that suits your preferences with every piece of décor seamlessly blending together. Their vast access to endless trade-only resources is what will bring forth the vibrant aura and make your home highly functional.


If you dream of a luxurious master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, or a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf with a toasty fireplace, or vibrant living space with comfy carpeting and wallpapers—Propcare is here to offer its interior designing services in Gurgaon & Delhi. A division of MyFollo, a property management company, Propcare can renovate and remodel your rental space to bring out its best value.

9 Best Tips for Tackling Rental House/Property Maintenance

As a landlord, one must know their responsibilities, duties, and rights to ensure there is a smooth transition of ownership from them to the new tenant. New, as well as seasoned landlords, must understand that by ensuring their property is well-maintained, they are relieving the tenants of any unforeseen leakages, roof damages, clogged gutters, or any kind of property maintenance issues.

house maintenance
Rental Home Maintenance

However little the tasks may seem, property maintenance is a tough job. While some of the landowners prefer to do it on their own, others take external help from property maintenance services company which act on their behalf and take care of the following:

  1. Check for Pest Control
  2. Check for Leaks
  3. Appliance Replacements
  4. Re-Painting
  5. Check of Property Damages
  6. Routine Inspections
  7. Creating a schedule
  8. Ensure You Inspect before a New Tenant Moves-In
  9. Hire a property management company

Check for Pest Control

When you own an investment property, you must spare some time each month on regular and seasonal checks. Regardless of whether there are no indications of a pest attack, you need to keep such issues from happening. Even when you get regular pest control done, don’t try to restrict it to one area of the house, as pests will essentially venture out to another room of it. The eradication ought to be done on the overall property.

pest control services
Regular checks on pest control

Check for Leaks

Every property has some soft spots on the rooftops, ceilings, and dividers. Search for any leakages of water around windows, showers, and toilet seats. Check under sinks, boilers, and water heaters. It is imperative to distinguish water leakage as early as possible. Continuous leakages can harm the dividers, roofs, and even an occupant’s assets. Dangerous moulds can likewise form making home maintenance and repairs a huge expense to deal with.

Well, if you are thinking of selling your property too, leaky ceiling can cause you a much damage in valuation of your property.

leakage issues in the ceiling of the house
Ceiling Leakage Issues

Appliance Replacements

Remember that everything has an expiry date. Rooftops, appliances, flooring, and paint will all need to get replaced after a suitable time. A brilliant landlord will assess the life expectancy of significant machines and property appliances that should get supplanted so they can prepare a spending plan and spare money likewise.

Replacements can be a significant house repair cost, yet it will at last add to the estimation of your home improvement whenever done thoughtfully.


An additional layer of paint can be an incredible way to spruce up the property between occupants or/and the lack of it could be the main reason why the previous tenant refused to renew the lease agreement. Often it is an occupant’s security that takes care of the expense of re-painting; however, a long-term tenant may fall under the typical depreciation period, and then the painting costs will be met from the proprietor’s spending plan.

home re-painting for maintenance works
Re-painting the property

Check of Property Damages

In some cases, you may experience a tenant who deliberately damages your investment property. Property harm can be charged to the occupant that caused the damage, yet the measure of time it takes to reestablish a property to lease can mean a loss of rental income.

Then in some cases, the tenant may not have the means to pay for the harm and may not even be bothered about the legal implications, leaving a proprietor to take care of the expense of damage. Both the expense for the property harm and the lost lease costs for the time it takes to prepare a property lease should be thought of beforehand.

Routine Inspections

To avoid circumstances like above, proprietors should plan regular visits to the property while the tenant lives there to ensure there are no damages. A proprietor ought to give prior notice before entering the property; often, the lease agreement determines the frequency and time of these visits.

This is an open door for the landowner to recognize home maintenance & repairs issues or for the tenant to examine any issues, for example, a leaky faucet.

property inspections being done
Property Inspections

Creating a schedule

By defining a timetable for home improvement inspections, it will be simple for you to create a schedule and share with the tenant before to avoid any intrusion. Remember the lease agreement expects tenants to inform you in an ideal way if they have any upkeep issues or face an expense.

You ought to investigate the property once at regular intervals and check the state of the appliances, the floors, the cupboards, the rooftop, and so on. You can avoid this check and incorporate an external help to do this for you at regular intervals.

create a schedule for home maintenance inspections
Defining a timetable for home improvement inspections

Ensure You Inspect before a New Tenant Moves-In

Among other responsibilities as a landlord, while finding a new tenant, you must also inspect the property before a new one moves in. There are areas that the previous tenant must have overlooked and could cause real damage when the new tenants use the property. It is also suggested to replace smoke alarms and other such appliances that require batteries.

Property maintenance may appear to be costly to get a portion of these appliances fixed. However, it’s justified, despite all the trouble. In addition, it’s a landowner’s obligation to make the property risk free and safe.

Hire a property management company

Investment in managing a property is an all year task. While no landowner likes to fall for monthly expenses, but the truth is that keeping up with your investment property can also help in increasing your rental income benefits in the long run by keeping occupant turnover low and property estimation high.

So here hiring a property management company turns out to be a most beneficial option.


Remember that rental home repair requires a differed range of abilities, from plumbing to electrical, and the capacity to inspect issues. Call for help can come at any time of the day or night. A landowner who decides to do rental house maintenance on their own, ought to be ready for all consequences. Landowners ought to likewise recollect that a tenant couldn’t care less how much cash a proprietor may spare in terms of these expenses. One of the main reasons of tenant turnover is insufficient upkeep.

There are a lot of property maintenance company out there for landowners who need support. Property management company in India helps landlords needing services, for example, carpet installation or painting & even rent collection from tenants. Know that a few positions should be taken care of by experts.

Facts NRI Must Know About Power of Attorney Before Investing in Indian Real Estate

The Indian real estate market is known to provide great returns on investment. As a result, citizens around the world are always looking forward to investing in Indian territory which has made legal services like power of attorney equally important. Various NRIs are always on the hunt to invest in India and make good use of their property by renting it out or selling it. 

power of attorney
Power of Attorney

Recent studies show that there has been an impressive growth of investments by NRIs in India for both residential as well as commercial properties due to the falling value of Indian Rupee in comparison to American Dollar. This makes our country a hotspot of tourists, businesses, and other real estate related matters. Due to this, there have been many amendments as well as new initiatives are being taken legally to allow more ease for NRIs to invest. As there are various legal matters involved in this, the power of attorney for NRI plays a very crucial role. 

There are multiple NRI legal services for properties & other matters available these days. In India, there are three types of power of attorney:

  • Special power of attorney, where the powers are limited to a specific purpose.
  • The general power of attorney, which allows multiple powers to the attorney to exercise.
  • A durable power of attorney, which provides ceaseless powers to the attorney.
Special Power of Attorney
Special Power of Attorney Sample
General Power of Attorney Sample
General Power of Attorney Sample

Important facts related to the Power of Attorney that NRI must know


The POA registration process can be tedious. So, an NRI property management company in India can be very useful to guide the NRI for the same. In case of the sale of immovable assets, it is mandatory for the NRI to register a POA, as per the Supreme Court of India. The deed has to be registered within the jurisdiction in which the attorney resides.

Some important parts of the deed are the details of the NRI, their signature, the details of the attorney, the purpose of the deed, and the validity period for the same.


There might be situations when a dispute arises between the principal and the attorney that has been appointed. In this case, revocation is an immediate step that needs to be undertaken to avoid any type of damage to the property in hand. The process of the revocation of power of attorney needs to take place in the sub registrar’s office in which it was signed.

Usually, the revocation occurs in case of the demise/ mental illness of the principal, i.e., the NRI. The presence of two witnesses is one of the most important things to keep in mind during the revocation process. This is mandatory, failing which there can be unwanted consequences. It must be noted that as a power of attorney is valid throughout the life of the principal, and to discontinue the powers, a proper revocation process is necessary.

revocation of power of attorney sample form
Revocation of power of attorney sample form


It is important to follow the various guidelines that are mentioned in the power of attorney act for conflict-free management of the principal’s property. Therefore, all required documents during the registration of a power of attorney need to be submitted. In case the principal is unable to come to India to sign the deed, then the registration can also be done in the country where the principal resides with the signature of the head of the Indian embassy.

As a POA has all the powers on the property on behalf of the principal, the NRI must choose the attorney after a lot of thinking. There are various online portals providing real estate services in India that can provide the required guidelines to be followed while selecting the attorney. Moreover, various property managers also provide the required knowledge for handling legal lawsuits related to the property.

Legal Services for NRIs in Property related matters
Legal Services for NRIs in Property related matters

Fraudulent activities

In case there are any fraudulent activities undertaken by a power of attorney, then it might cause serious trouble to the principal. Due to this, it is advisable to take the help of a real estate company offering legal services to avoid any type of discrepancies.

Beware of Fraud Activities undertaken by a power of attorney
Beware of Fraud Activities

In situations when there are legal disputes arising during the presence of an attorney, the principal needs to prove that they are unaware of the misuse of power conducted by the power of attorney. In some cases, it has been found that the attorney has exercised powers outside the ones specified under the law, and excessive cash transactions have taken place.

Thus, it has also become important to regulate the POA by the principal. There should be constant communication between the attorney and the principal for transparency and greater accountability. This will build loyalty between both the parties and ensure that there is a seamless sale/ lease of property.


The payment related to the sale/lease of a property is the most important process in the real estate industry. To make this hassle-free for NRIs, a POA for property makes this process much easier and credible. It is important to note that the principal can give the attorney permission to accept the payment on their behalf. This implies that the most crucial part, i.e., the financial transaction, has to be carefully supervised by the attorney; making sure that there are no discrepancies in the process.

However, it must be kept in mind that the payment needs to be transferred to the account of the principal only. It is not within the exercise of the attorney to receive the payment in their personal account. 


As the price points of the real estate industry are changing incessantly, it becomes important that the NRI keeps themselves aware of the latest trends of the market. This will ensure that the property is in good hands, and no misuse of any power is being done.

A power of attorney is very important in the management of the property, as most of the duties that need to be performed by them need immense detailing and focus. Choosing the right attorney is as important as selecting the right property. Therefore, the above-mentioned points are necessary to be known before appointing an attorney.

11 Best Rent Collection Tips for Landlords in India

The relationship of a landlord to their tenant is hard to explain. The Indian real estate market is currently beaming with prospective renters, but how many landlords are willing to take the risk? Surprisingly, the numbers are strikingly low.

The problem for first-time landlords is that they lack awareness of the potential ordeals that come with rent collection, rental monitoring, and other rent deposit related issues. Renting out a property in India is not always favourable for both parties if it is not approached correctly.

Some of the most common issues for landlords in India are finding the correct match for the property, chasing tenants for rent collection, tenants misusing the property, tenants forcibly overstaying, and tenants not paying the maintenance fees.

As much as we talk about the tenants’ legal rights and call in the Rental Control Act, 1948 (for being pro-tenant), so we must also consider the hardships of the landlords in metro cities such like Delhi.

Thankfully, there are different ways for rent collection in India to solve your concerns, and the fact that you can choose any of it makes them even better. Given below are some of the pre-requirements that can help a first-time landlord in streamlining their rent collection and deposit process.

collection of rent from tenants
Rent Collection Services

Things to keep in mind to make your Rent Collection cycle smooth

  1. Insure your property
  2. Market the property well
  3. Evaluate your tenants cautiously 
  4. Fix the rent
  5. Prepare a rent agreement
  6. Openly discuss advances and lease increment 
  7. Discuss the method of payment and know your alternatives 
  8. Police verification of tenants
  9. Don’t be biased towards the occupants 
  10. Know your privileges as a landlord
  11. Visit the house for routine checks 

Insure your property

A  smart proprietor gets their investment property completely insured. There is a constant danger if the property isn’t insured that they wouldn’t be the one controlling it, but the occupant would be. In that case, rent collection for landlords becomes a challenge. Proprietors ought to talk with their insurance specialists to guarantee they have the most extreme risk inclusion measures for their property. 

property insurance
Make sure that your property is insured

Market the property well

Purchasing or leasing the property is only a click away these days. With the increasing dependency on mobile applications, landlords must utilize this platform to promote their assets on different websites affiliated with RERA. This brings numerous eyes to your property, which can get you magnificent deals. An exact profile should be made to transfer the property details, and uploading photos can be an added advantage. You could likewise keep the traditional method of marketing through newspapers and word of mouth. 

There are also real estate companies that deliver property marketing services. You can contact them too if you don’t want to take the stress.

Evaluate your tenants cautiously 

Taking time to screen who you’re renting your property to can spare heaps of time, the rental chase up, dissatisfaction, bothering, and a thousand different issues related to rent monitoring. Make sure you have reasonable criteria for your candidates. Likewise, ensure tenants must have 3X rent collection amount as salary and great credit. Their credit report will reveal to you how they handle their obligations and if they’ve received any eviction notices before.

Fix the rent

Once, as a proprietor, you finalize the occupant, next, fix the rent deposit. It must be as per the market. Setting it higher than the market rate would make it harder for you to locate an occupant. If still, you wish to set it for a higher limit than the market, justify it by offering some perks. You can also include security gadgets like a CCTV for higher rent.

Prepare a rent agreement

Each rent agreement ought to be recorded in a hard copy and enlisted. It gives the term of the rent collection, month to month rental deposit, and security sum. It indicates all the terms and conditions of the rent collection related services, for example, who will pay for the water, electricity, and maintenance bills.

The landlord must know the reason for making this a customary, regardless of whether the property is being utilized for business or private purposes. In case the landlord and the tenant agree to broaden the terms of the rent agreement for a specific period, that needs to be re-recorded in writing. 

Prepare a rent agreement to avoid complexities later

Openly discuss advances and lease increment 

A security sum ahead of time is a standard for each agreement. A landowner is qualified to ask for this as a preventive measure for any harm caused on the property. The equivalent could be interrogated if something happens to the property. It is, likewise, a typical practice to expand the house lease yearly. 

Discuss the method of payment and know your alternatives 

There are many approaches to rent collection in India. It’s essential to tailor these in your rental agreement to the segment you are planning to house, as this will diminish rental chase up issues in the future. For instance, undergrads may not have a chequebook, while the older tenant may not be accustomed to the electronic payment mode. 

Mode of payment for collecting rent
Mode of payment for collecting rent

Police verification of tenants

This is one of the most fundamental parts of a rent collection for owners doing it for the first time. It helps in the personal investigation of the tenant. Not running a police verification is a culpable offence under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code. It should then be submitted to the near police station alongside ID confirmation of the tenant. At that point, the nearby police direct the individual verification and give a heads up for the rental agreement.

police verification of tenants in delhi
Police Verification should be done before letting out your property on rent

Don’t be biased towards the occupants 

A smart landlord won’t ever discriminate among his occupants on the premises of religion, sex, or dietary inclinations. There may be cases where you need to refuse a prospective tenant to lease the property, yet it must be based on a legitimate reason,

Know your privileges as a landlord

Under India’s rental laws, some rights shield a landlord’s interests and avoid the rental chase up and rent monitoring trouble. The Rent Control Act is one significant act passed by the GOI in 1948, post which a few states have embraced changes to match the case. The law discusses the privileges of landlords. As of late, different revisions have been made to the law.

Visit the house for routine checks 

There are numerous situations where the occupants utilize private property for their business purposes. Many of them open their little offices or set up a scholarly focus on this private property. To keep away from such circumstances, a landlord needs to clear it in the lease and make occasional visits to the house. 

Putting resources into a rental land can be productive, though it is in no way, shape, or form an easy task. First-time landowners should familiarise themselves with the complexities of a rental situation so that there are no causes to lament later. Even better, hire an agent or a real estate company that offers rent collection services to avoid any hassle.

routine checks on property by owner
Routine checks should be there by the landlord