Rental Property Management: Rent Your Property Quicker

Prop Care, a prominent rental property management company in Gurgaon, offers innovative services with a customer-centric approach. We envision transforming the way real estate advisory and transactional services have been going on for decades.

Offering its gamut of services, PropCare has created 2500+ HNI relationships, managed assets worth 9600 Cr+, executed 1200+ transactions, and provided assistance to 23+ family offices.

At Propcare, we provide end-to-end property management services. We handle everything from the site visit to handing over the keys to the new tenant. Moreover, all our services are background-verified.

We have a dedicated professional team that follows a strict process and delivers exceptional service. With the motive of reducing stress, we have developed a comprehensive solution for all your property-related problems making it completely hassle free experience for you. In short we help you rent, sell and manage your property.

Our Property Rent Management Services Include:

PropCare, a prominent property rent Management Company in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, offers innovative property management services with a customer-centric approach.

We are one of the fastest growing rental property management companies in India, offering a gamut of services.

Services that we offer:

  • Marketing and Letting: This involves the action of renting out property. We make sure to follow exclusive ways to market your most valued possession. In order to create a positive outlook on your property, we use numerous ways to market the rental.
    • Professional photo shoot of the property.
    • Through Professional Video
    • Sending out luxury mailers
    • Setting alerts across social media platforms
    • Sending out brochures
  • Tenancy Management: Right from finding/evicting and dealing/coordinating with the tenants as per the owner’s wish to bringing down the cost, we cater to all. How do we go about property rent management?
    • Follow-up on the rental
    • Timely Rental Collection
    • Any tenancy issues will be coordinated.
    • Periodic inspection in between tenancies
    • Possession or takeover from an existing tenant to hand over the property to the new tenant.
  • Rent Collection and Deposit: Well, this is a tedious task. PropCare helps to reduce the stress of follow-up with the tenant and by the property owner. We collect the rent from the tenant in a timely manner and deposit it directly into the bank account of the landlord on the same day. We also cater to rental escalations and renewals.
  • Possession Assistance: We reduce the hassle by taking possession from the developer. This service is for those who own multiple assets or those who are not staying in the same city. We make sure to:
    • Thoroughly inspect and follow up calls with the developer.
    • Proving an accurate and detailed accounting report.
    • Detailed documentation of legal formalities
    • Coordination until the physical handover of keys.
  • Property Maintenance and Repair: This is also one of the major tasks. It involves a completed diagnosis and resolution of the problem. We make sure to do a regular 200-point check inspection on the property on a periodic basis.
    • A detailed periodic inspection of the property
    • Generation of repair and maintenance reports detailing issues.
    • Hiring a professional vendor to resolve the issue
    • Supervision of the execution of the repair with a professional vendor
  • Interior Design for Rental Home: We make your life easier by taking care of the interior design. What we do in interiors:
    • Modular wardrobe
    • Modular kitchen
    • False Ceiling
    • Lightning, electrical fittings, and other miscellaneous fittings and fixtures.

How Rental management works at Propcare

You can be the part of PropCare property rent management in four easy steps. Our fours step comprises of the following:

  • Online subscription to special Propcare packages
  • Payment and online contract signing
  • Generation of property management schedule
  • Access online dashboard to view activities related to property

We offer a highly ingenious, personalised dashboard that helps to update users on the way their properties are performing and continuously updates them on the status of the activities that take place in the rental property management.

Property Management Online Dashboard

Benefits of Renting with Us

With our help, you can automate your rental property management. We manage day-to-day operations, cleanings, inspections, lettings, interiors, and possession takeover assistance; as well as reporting procedures, customer service, and any other issues relating to your asset.

At PropCare, we understand the needs of the customer before we get into any project and make sure to deliver on our promise of excellence.

  • We help you get a tenant five times faster.
  • We believe in trustworthiness where you feel that your property is safe with us.
  • 15+ years of advisory expertise
  • We follow efficient marketing techniques for a better price.
  • We provide Complete Lease Management.
  • Tenants are verified and background checked by our team of professionals.
  • We provide customer dashboards that allow them to check the tenant’s payment and dues without any worry.
  • Provide an experienced legal expert to manage your matter smoothly and wisely.
  • We bring you the best services, personally checked and managed by a dedicated property manager.
  • Provide an end-to-end rental property management service backed by a team of professionals.
  • We design interiors for your rental properties.
  • Our property rent management company have a dedicated customer relationship team who is available throughout the year.

PropCare – Your Trusted Rental Management Company

You must be wondering what makes us exceptional in the market; this is something all rental property management company does right?

So let us highlight our USP:

  • 15+ years of advisory expertise
  • 2500+ HNI relationships.
  • Tenants are verified and background checked by our team of professionals.
  • We provide customer dashboards that allow them to check the tenant’s payment and dues without any worry.
  • We provide an experienced legal expert to manage your matter smoothly and wisely.
  • We bring you the best services, personally checked and managed by a dedicated property manager to cater to all your rental management system.
  • We design interiors for your rental properties.
  • Our rental management system has till dated managed assets worth over 9600 Cr.
  • Executed 1200+ transactions and provided assistance to 23+ family offices.


Do you perform background checks on tenants?

Yes, that’s one of our USPs. Our team of professionals verifies and background checks tenants.

How do I get updates about my property?

We have a professional dashboard that gives you the entire update on your property or rental management system.

What are the services you provide?

Whether it is marketing your property, tenant management, rent collection, deposit, or providing interior design to rental homes, at PropCare we cater to all.

Why do I need a Rental property management?

A timely maintenance of your rental property can help you avoid potential lawsuit and save time, money and of course energy in the long run. Moreover, it keeps your property safe.

What if the tenant damages the property?

In the situation like this the tenant would have to pay the landlord for the repair work.