Home Inspection Services

Buying and selling a property can be a roller coaster ride that comes with multiple things, including a home inspection.

The property inspection is the buyer’s last chance to discover and learn about the property’s flaws before purchasing it.

Home Inspection Checklist

What to expect during the home or property inspection:

  • Foundation of the house: To determine whether the house has a risen or slab foundation, to check for structural issues such as cracks, sagging, window alignment, etc.
  • Grounds inspection includes the inspection of sidewalks and drive ways.
  • Roofs: From inspecting the age and condition of the roof to looking for damage, inspecting the vents, and the gutters to ensure proper drainage. It also includes checking the soundness of the chimney.
  • HVAC: During property inspection services we check whether everything is working properly and smoothly. Looking for signs of wear and tear in the system. Also, we make sure that the air filters are clean.
  • Plumbing: Here the general property inspection includes checking the wear and tear, function, and safety.
  • Electrical: It includes looking for any visible wiring and ensuring that everything is up to code. Checking the outlets, fans, circuit breakers, and light fixtures
  • Walls and ceilings: Looking for obvious cracks and leaks to check if paint and wall coverings are in good condition or not.
  • Flooring: Checking for cracks and leaks in the flooring.
  • Windows and doors: To check whether windows and doors open and latch properly,
  • Appliances: Checking the functioning of the appliances. These include the microwave, refrigerator, washer, dishwasher, and other appliances.

A detailed property inspection includes complete visual examination of the home from top to bottom.

Purpose of a Home Inspection

If you are the one who is thinking of purchasing a home and wondering if you should skip home inspection, well, you should give it some thought. Let us explain the actual purpose of a home inspection.

A home inspector services helps point out any flaws in the house with the sole purpose of revealing issues that could endanger the residents’ lives and safety.

Please keep in mind that a home or property inspection services has simply nothing to do with the aesthetic beauty of the property or home. For instance, the peeling of the wall paint is not a concern, but the faulty switchboard is a matter of concern for the property inspection services.

A home inspector services covers potentially life-threatening issues like faulty wiring that can end up causing great damage.

The purpose of a home inspection is basically twofold. Aside from providing the buyer with peace of mind that the property they are purchasing is in good condition and free of any potential damage, an inspection report can also be used by the seller to identify areas or sections that require repair.

A home inspector services ensures that both the buyer and seller are aware of the property’s condition prior to sale. They help you detect major defects that will cost the buyer a huge amount of money above the purchase price to repair. In short, identifying issues beforehand saves more expenses in the future, which in turn gives you a smoother contribution to deal with.

Property inspection will not only assist with new construction, but you will also receive an unbiased opinion on the structural component of real estate property and also help you make the right investment.

Once the property inspection is complete, you will be provided with a complete report of what the property inspector has completed. So trust home inspector services and leave all your property hassle to them.

Why PropCare?

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Property Inspection for Commercial and Residential Properties

Property inspections roughly fall into two main categories: commercial and residential. No doubt both are of similar type in terms of purpose, but they are quite different in a number of ways.

Each home comes with its own unique character, which makes one different from the other; hence, inspecting one is the same as inspecting the other.

A commercial property inspection, on the other hand, comes with its own unique set of skills. Though home inspections can be done with one inspector, it is not the same with commercial properties; commercial property inspection requires multiple inspectors.

For us, home is an immense investment for life. Right from providing a complete inspection of each and every minute area of the home to forming a report on all the examinations and surveys in a timely manner for the client, we cater to all.

Our thorough home inspection report helps you in purchase negotiations, warranty repair, or when it comes to making future maintenance decisions.

During commercial property inspection, we cover five major aspects: roofing, structural integrity, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems.

Through our report, we discuss each building system and list all the significant concerns or defects that were found during the inspection.


When do you need a property Inspection?

Home inspections are basically carried out to examine the condition and safety of your property; hence, the ideal time would be before buying or selling the property.

What are the advantages of home inspection for homebuyers?

A home inspector is aware of where and what to look for and provides you with an impartial opinion on the structural components of the home, which gives you a clear picture of any potential problems before closing the deal. Helping to improve property procurement cost which the buyer must complete before finalising the agreement.

What checks are done under property inspection services?

A home inspection includes a complete analysis of the property’s health and safety, which includes the building’s flooring, walls, doors, ceilings, electrical fittings, leakage, dampness, doors, and windows.

How much does a typical property Inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies according to the type of inspection and the area of the property. It is priced per square foot.