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Interior Specialists for Rental Homes

Our Ethos is always to deliver exceptional, inspirational rental homes, keeping the right elements catering to your lessee

We give a lot of practical importance and detailing to the space and storage for your wardrobes, cabinets & kitchen making it easier for usage.

What We Do

"The main objective is to simplify life and take off the hassles of doing interiors yourself"

Wardrobes are the one of the most important accessories in the bedroom. From design to installation, our team does it all. Each wardrobe is customized as giving it high in utility & convenience that it brings along with it. We assist our customers to create the perfect space, using fitted wardrobes to create both space for stay in and practical with a well thought of usage solution.
Types of wardrobes as per your need:

Sliding Door Wardrobes

L – Shaped Wardrobes

Wakin Wardrobes

Hinge Door Wardrobes

Free Standing Wardrobes

We make a modern kitchen consisting of modules of cabinets made of diversified materials which hold accessories inside, which can facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen.
The heart of the home, the kitchen is easily the most used space in the house. So it makes sense to incorporate practical, stylish interiors that stand the test of time into multi-functional spaces.

PVC Fire Resistant, Maintenance Free, Easy to Install, Eco Friendly, Termite Proof and Energy Efficient.

MR Grade is Moisture Resistant Plywood

BWR Grade Plywood, Boiling Water Resistant

Our effort is to give a new attractive look to the room with multiple light effects giving you an options to alter the feel of the room considering numerous designs, patterns and material, improving the aesthetics of the room allowing you to incorporate multiple functions while concealing the ugly mesh of electrical light wirings and other fixtures leaving the place neat and tidy.
We specialize in

POP Ceilings




When designing a home, most of us tend to forget what a big role lighting can play.
Well-placed lights are the key in highlighting the best qualities of your home and magnifying the interiors done in each room, creating cozy ambiance, and illuminating essential work and play spaces. Our experts ensure your home is well lit & brighten all of your favorite spaces.


Ceiling Fans

Water Heaters


Sanitary Fittings

What We Do

The main objective is to simplify life and take off the hassles of doing interiors yourself

Modular Wardrobe

We assist in creating perfect space using fitted wardrobes as well as bringing usage solutions.

Modular Kitchen

We specialize in POP ceilings, Gypsum, PVR ,and Wooden ceilings.

False Ceiling

The combination of right light effects, design, patterns and material is what gives the right attractive look.

Electrical fitting

Well-placed lights highlight the best qualities of your home.

Sanitary Fitting

We work around the clock to bring a wide range of designs and features to enhance your bathroom decor.

Why Choose Us

We at PropCare take time to understand the needs of our customers before we embark on any project, ensuring we deliver on our promise of excellence.
We believe that every client has unique requirements and tastes. To support that we add up the best and most creative designs to make your dream become reality. Having endless ideas in mind that can impress you at every step.
Whether your issue is driving interest in a property within a competitive local housing market, justifying a premium rental rate or sale value, preparing a property quickly for an incoming tenant, we have the solution.
Thus CHOOSE US for designing interiors of your rental property.

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