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5 DIY Interior Designing Ideas to Transform your Rental Home

The most amazing thing about staying in a rented place is the sense of independence and the endless scope of DIY interior designing.

To truly make a rental into a lovely cosy home, one needs imagination and a lot of interior designing ideas. So, we got our best interior designers for rentals in Delhi and Gurgaon to share some of their trade secrets to budget-friendly home decorating ideas.

Home decoration with plants

Plants are one of the simplest and underrated items that can instantly liven up any place in the house. They provide much needed green respite from the concrete chaos that surrounds us. Plants are a wonderful source of oxygen and are also the most viable air purifiers that you can have. Bedroom, living room or bathroom, there’s a plant for every room, and we’ll tell you which ones are best suited for you.

home interior designs with plants
Rental Home Decoration with Natural Air Purifiers

Let’s begin our journey with the plant kingdom in DIY interior designing ideas .

  • Pothos or Money plants are commonly found and easy to maintain. Put the cuttings in a bottle or vase filled with water and place it on a bookshelf, coffee table, etc.
  • Succulents are a beautiful addition to your home. They are low maintenance and come in tiny sizes too.
  • Mother in law’s tongue or snake plant is another hardy plant that can stand neglect. If you need green in the bathroom, then this is your go-to plant.
  • Grow herbs if you have ample sunlight coming through, herbs like mint look pretty and smell great too.
home decoration with plants
Home decoration with plants

If you’re confident about your green thumb, go in for big plants and place them in a lovely cane basket which can be found for cheap, trust it to bring the that adorable look to your house.

Kitchen interior design tips

You may think that home decor ideas stop at the kitchen, but we have some good news for you. You can revamp the kitchen interior design as per your requirements in a budget-friendly and easy way too. Don’t like the colour of kitchen cabinet, there’s a quick fix solution for it, vinyl stickers. They come in a plethora of colours and designs which can instantly personalise the cabinet according to your preference.

There are a host of interior design ideas for kitchen.

  • Use bright, peppy wallpaper to cover boring or dark walls
  • Deploy washi tapes to write creative messages on the kitchen wall
  • Grow herb plants if your kitchen window gets ample sunlight
  • Change the existing modular kitchen designs with vinyl stickers

Stick them on and give the kitchen interiors a whole new look. When you’re moving out, you can remove them easily and return the kitchen to its original state.

Kitchen interior design tips
DIY Interior Ideas for your Kitchen

Interior design ideas small bedroom

The bedroom is where we retire for the day, chill during holidays and sometimes turn it into a micro-office. It unknowingly reflects our innermost personality and aesthetic preference. Whether it is a collection of photographs or a fiercely private memento box or a half-read book lying about, bedroom becomes your own private haven. It doesn’t matter how small space is; there is always a scope to do many beautiful things.

We’ll let you in some DIY home decor tips to brighten up your bedroom decor.

  • Don’t have a budget to buy a cot? Place the mattress on the floor and fluff it up with some comfortable cushions of different shapes against the wall.
  • Use lights creatively to brighten up dark corners and make the bedroom look more spacious.
  • Keep a climbing plant for the company and let it grow to create a natural canopy around the bed.
  • Have photos of your loved ones on the bedroom wall, clip the photos on a string and change them according to your mood.
Interior design ideas small bedroom
Styling your bed on the floor
DIY Interior design ideas small bedroom
Clip photos to a string or the wire of lights

It’s beautiful how smart tricks like the placement of lights, plants and light curtains can make a small bedroom look spacious.

DIY interior design ideas living room

The statement-making room of any home is the living room, even if it’s rental. Doing up the living room can be a very therapeutic experience once you begin with collating your inspirations from around the world. Once you close in on the look according to space and personal preference, it’ll be quite an easy job thereafter. To up your game in rental interior design for the living room, there are many amazing ideas that you can begin with.

Interior design ideas for living room
Interior design for living room of your rental home

Here’s a collection of some DIY interior designing ideas you can get inspiration from:

  • Introduce a rug in your living room, cotton dhurries are easily available and are pocket friendly too. They come in many sizes, making it easy for you to choose one to your liking.
  • Place a mirror opposite to the natural light source and watch your living room become instantly bigger.
  • Pellet boards are a convenient piece of furniture to use as a coffee table, plant table or even a book stand.
  • A simple DIY for curtains is to use unused sarees or dupattas and add on some quirky accessory for that bohemian look.
Interior Decoration with Used Duppattas
Interior Decoration with Used Duppattas

Before you begin the transformation, do observe the natural light sources, dark corners, and floor space. It’ll help you in deciding on the placement of accessories and also saving a lot of time and money.

Photo Gallery for interior designing
Photo Gallery over a Nail-Free Wall

Craft ideas for home decor

One of the fun things about DIY home decor is that it allows you to create stuff with your own hands. The process of creation is known to be quite therapeutic and meditative according to experts. It could be as simple as framing your mandala design or a vintage magazine cut out, it’ll engage your senses like no other activity. The joy of creation is unparalleled, but we also understand that it shouldn’t be time-consuming and expensive.

Empty and Used Bottle Decoration Ideas for interiors
Empty and Used Bottle Decoration Ideas for Rentals

We curated a few easy craft ideas for you to try your hands-on:

  • Empty bottles are a perfect canvas to unlock your creativity. Paint them and add in fairy lights. Not only it’ll give a cosy, warm feel, it’ll also be a beautiful accessory to accompany a nice photo.
  • Jazz up photo frames with shells and small pebbles that you collected from your travels. It’s an excellent way to remember your travel memories and making your frame look one of a kind.
  • Give the mason jars a coat of paint and use them to place tea-lights—a perfect way to recycle and also be creatively resourceful.
  • Repurpose an old wooden ladder by giving it a nice coat of paint and use it as a clothes holder or a place to keep your souvenirs.
ladders for interior designs
Get everything out of that ladder beside just for climbing it
budget friendly interior designing ideas
Budget Friendly tips for Interior Designing

Just by making small changes and repurposing everyday items, you can enhance the look of your rental home.

Rental room designs can be easy, affordable and creatively satisfying. Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, there are loads of ideas to choose from and begin your DIY interior designing journey.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas
Rustic Home Decor Ideas


In case you wish to hire a professional interior designer in Gurgaon or Delhi for your rental home feel free to contact Propcare, a property management company in India & also a division of Myfollo, a real estate company based in Gurgaon.

How to estimate and evaluate property?


EVALUATION OF PROPERTY is the first and the most important step of Real Estate investment because of one SIMPLE reason.

If one doesn’t know how much a property is worth, one can’t buy/sell/rent it.

They will probably end up paying more or less for the property and both of those options have adverse effects on the economy. Apart from those, who don’t know HOW to estimate a property’s value, even those who do face a variety of problems which aren’t easy to solve.

There are three common ways of getting the right evaluation of property.

  1. Self Estimation
  2. Real Estate Agents
  3. Online Real Estate Portal

Each way has its own pros and cons, which you might want to keep in mind if you’re thinking about which road to take.

 1. Self Estimation:

Most people who don’t want to spend any money on brokerage or want to sell their property as quickly as possible opt for this option.

In this the seller first makes an assumption that his property has an area of xx sqm.

Then, he calculates the selling rate (INR/sqm) as Price/Area for each property.

The selling rates of all properties should be roughly similar with a variation of maximum 10%.

Then, an average of all the selling rates is multiplied by xx to arrive at the valuation of the property.

This is obviously not the most accurate method as the calculated price is just an average rather than being an exact estimation. Moreover, a lot of factors that affect the sale or purchases of a property are not taken into consideration in this method. This method is more like a rough draft which all investors make BEFORE choosing any other.


  1. Real Estate Agents

Sellers/buyers/investors often hire these agents or real estate agencies which sell their property for them in exchange of a fee called commission. More than 90% of real estate transactions are carried out with this method as it often appears to be the easy way out. Your real estate will right away give you an evaluation of your property and truth be told, it will be 25% more accurate than the estimation you made yourself. Yet, this option is not the most ideal option. Here is why you should hire a real estate agent and why you should NOT.

Advantages Disadvantages
The avoidance of a lot of paperwork and red tape Having to pay commissions
The saving of a lot of time and energy Being just one of many clients
Not having to coordinate repair and upgrading efforts on your own  Having at least one “middle man’’
Having an expert in your local real estate market on your side  Being at the mercy of someone else’s timeline
Common fraudulent practices regarding the selling price to get earn more commission
Listings will be limited to only that of the agent/agency
Lesser control of the transaction

As you can see when put on a weighing scale, the right side weighs more.

The agent/agency will always treat your property like another file in their office and will never be even half as motivated as the one who hires them. A lot of transactions that go through these agents/agencies do not take place in good faith.

Your agent/agency will give you a value with which they can maximize their profit. If that means giving you a higher value, they won’t hesitate.


  1. Online Real Estate Portals

Online portals like Magicbricks, CommonFloor, 99acres, Indiaproperty are some of the most popular ones when it comes to real estate.

If you visit any of these websites, you will probably find a tool called a Property Evaluation Calculator which will help you evaluate your property sitting at home just by entering a few details like sqm, BHK, locality name, etc.

It sure sounds tempting but again, it has its flaws too.

If you run a group of properties through all five of these portals, you’re likely to find that each online valuation site will give you a different – sometimes a very different – estimate for the same property.  They may not all be using the same comps and each is probably using a different proprietary algorithm that works better with some data sets than with others.  So the best advice is that one should not expect to type an address into any of these sites and get back a value that’s carved on a stone tablet.

What you can expect is that, at least with most of these sites, you will get back a good deal of data that you can combine with your own judgment to develop a reasonable idea of a property’s value.

To sum it up, online services, while great sources of information, often strive to offer quick and easy answers to complicated questions. And determining a home’s value is definitely a multilayered problem.

Thus, it is safe to say that Estimation of property is not an easy job. It requires a proper mix of all factors to get the most accurate estimation possible.

Nevertheless, you should definitely give www.myfollo.com a try as their calculator includes a variety of factors that most portals fail to consider. Their estimations are almost accurate and you in this world of real estate where one agency is breathing down on the next of the other, www.myfollo.com proves to be breath of fresh air.