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Build and Optimize your Real Estate Portfolio – myfollo.com

Traditionally investing in real estate has always been profitable. Whether one is saving for retirement or for emergencies, real estate has always been part of investment plans, however small. Once decided to invest in real estate, it is important to learn how to build your portfolio. All it takes is a little discipline, keen observation and reports that are available on the public domain to make informed decisions. One doesn’t need to be wealthy but smart to build and optimize a good real estate portfolio. Here are top 4 tips to build your real estate portfolio

Start early: Investment in real estate is nothing to be scared of and it is certainly not to be done when certain milestones are crossed. One can begin investing anytime, the earlier the better. Often one doesn’t large reserves in banks to spare but with well-paying jobs and good cash flows as a result of that, the credit taking appetite surely increases with time. It is a good idea to meet a loan officer at a bank and find out the details of taking a loan for acquiring a property. Usually as experience says, most of the money required to purchase a property is given upfront. Based on cash flows, do the mathematics including monthly expenses and EMI’s. If you are able to manage, investing in real estate is always a good idea.

Start Small:  For investing in real estate, one has to be patient. The returns are not instantaneous but spread over a long term. The longer you hold on to the real estate, the more you gain depending on the market dynamics. Hence, one should start small and continue to work upwards. For example one could acquire a property and give it on rent. And the rent money could substantiate the EMI’s. Once that process has stabilised one could start looking at investing in another real estate property be it residential or commercial. The idea is to maintain a profitable portfolio.

Look for Deals: The trick to success is to be aware of the market and keep a keen eye on deals that are available in the market. There could be properties available in the market for a bargain because of distress sale or a far location. Research has shown that investing in far locations have sometimes proved beneficial for investment purposes, because one gets to buy at less and able to sell at peak in a few years’ time.

Leverage: Real estate investors leverage their money to buy property by using a network of banks and private lenders. The more properties you are able to spread your resources, the more potential to succeed in building a healthy real estate portfolio. It’s best to keep savings aside for emergencies and not invest emotionally.

Technology has over the years helped in making informed decisions related to investments and tracks the progress of each real estate investment. One can now even invest in cities where one is not residing. The opportunities are immense and we at myfollo.com  working with our clients to help them with their investments. You can write to us at contact@myfollo.com or call us at +91-9821391006 to know how we can help you.