Tenancy Maintenance

Tenancy Management

We perform a holistic role of managing a Residential Property Tenant which may include finding/evicting and generally dealing / coordinating with tenants as per property owner's wishes.

The relationship we have with the landlord and with the tenant is significant & sensitive and hence we set the right expectations for both parties and ensure the properties are managed well.

Starting from collecting rents, doing chase ups for rentals, banking post dated cheques and pay necessary expenses and taxes along with making periodic reports to the owner for the tenant issues we do it all under tenancy management

Posession takeover from an existing tenant or it may be handing over the property to a new tenant all check in and check out activities are carried out with a specific property annexure being signed at all times.

We at PropCare stongly believe in ensure properties are kept in a perfect condition by the tenants of the properties under management. This significantly reduces the stress for the property owner along with bringing down costs.

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