Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance & Repair involves a complete diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home. While there are regular minor issues which are taken care by tenants in the property there are major internal asset maintenance issues which are a huge stress to handle for the property owner.

Some of these maintenance issues can be plumbing, electrical, seepage , painting & pest issues and the list may go on an on. To ensure the issues are widely checked we do regular 200 point check inspections in the property on a periodic basis and ensure the repairs are brought to the property owner notice at the right time.

Starting from understanding the maintenance issue, hiring a profiled professional vendor and to further get smooth execution under the supervision of PropCare Operations we take care of all within a defined stipulated timeline.

Our Maintenance Approach

  • Detailed Regular periodic inspections at the property
  • Generation of Repairs & Maintenance Report detailing issues
  • Hiring of already profiled vendor to look at the issue and give possible solutions
  • Identification of the best solution
  • Confirmation of Repairs with payments
  • Supervision of the execution of repair with the profiled vendor
  • Submission of the Repair report to the property owner

Properties under professional PropCare management are kept professionally maintained & bug free hence bringing down repair costs for the Property Owner.

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