keys property management

Keys Property Management

In our experience, we have observed that often investors are discouraged to invest due to the hassles related to keys management, or who would take care of the property in the client's absence or even who would be my single point of contact for any transaction or who would manage my apartment?

There are many more questions which coming to mind. These questions can mess up your life if not solved immediately. Often we hear news of illegal possession by tenants or by unknown persons. It is not surprising to say that unmonitored property is monitored by unknown persons, hence we always recommend that "It is not advisable to trust blindly if it's the case of property."

At PROPCARE we ensure that the keys of your house and happiness are secured with us. Whenever a person wishes to see and check the house, we plan and manage the visit accordingly, keeping you in loop. You need to just intimate us through email / Phone call / SMS. The complete visit schedule will be planned and delivered to you via an email within 24 hours. You can also get photos and videos of your property via on-demand service. Photos and videos will be provided to you within 48 hours.

Our back-end and functional support team adds value by simplifying your life. As the property owner, you can place request through email to get updates about your property and our support system will contact you within minutes of request submission.

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