interior services

Interior Services

PropCare is one of the leading interior designers in India with a motto to "Design rather than Compromise." We understand the changing tastes of people around the world. Rapid advancement in technology, increasing income, growing economies and possibility of customizable services according to living standard transformed the scenario completely. Each home is unique and needs a personal touch to get a glimpse of luxury lifestyle.

Our proactive and responsive approach has built confidence and reassurance in our clients that the project will be delivered on time and to the highest satisfactory standards. We design the creative interior with an appropriate interpretation of the occupant's culture and lifestyle and the essence of space. Every bit of information, provided by our clients is kept in mind before creating engaging designs, creative concepts and space planning. We give shape to our ideas in 3D and 2D designs so that you can have fair idea about the final product.

We do designing of various types of spaces as mentioned below:
  • Bedroom Interior Designing
  • Modular Kitchen Designing
  • Kids Room Interior Designing
  • Drawing Room Interiors
  • Lavish Stairs Designing
  • Decorative Living Room
  • Laminated / Hard Wooden Flooring & Rubberized Flooring
  • Window films

Professional Cleaning

Did you know?

  • On a toilet seat, there are 50 bacteria per square inch.
  • Water tends to get trapped in the pipes, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. When you turn on the jets, the germy water spouts out into the tub where you're soaking. The place where you clean yourself is not so clean itself.
  • Your kitchen sink is even dirtier than your dust bin.
  • On an average, sofa set has 400 times more bacteria than a dining table.
  • There are about 200 times more fecal bacteria on a typical chopping board compared to the carpet.
  • About 15 per cent of sponges and dish cloths have salmonella growing in them.
  • If you eat at your laptop, sneeze on your keyboard, or sit down to surf the Internet without first washing your hands, your laptop keyboard could be a health hazard.

When was the last time you...

  • Cleaned your kitchen chimneys, hobs and the cooking areas?
  • Disinfected your bathroom fittings, tiles, shower cubicles and bath tubs?
  • Shampoo & conditioning of Sofas, Chairs & Carpets?
  • Sanitized areas which are difficult to reach like behind sofas, fans, tile joints, high windows and light fixtures?
  • Got carpenter, electrician and plumber with just one phone call?

We at PropCare provide the following comprehensive services:

  • Biohazard Clean up
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Garage and Courtyard Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Ceiling, Floors & Walls Cleaning
  • Living & Bedroom Cleaning
  • Vacuuming and Shampooing (Carpets, Sofas, Chairs, Curtains and Upholstery)
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning

We at PropCare understand your requirements and offer flexible cleaning service options:

  • Weekly: For the super busy homes and social commitments to ensure healthy environment.
  • Alternate week: Twice a month cleaning service fits best, for a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Monthly: Monthly cleaning services fits best, for sparing used homes on event of being away for most of the time.
  • On special request: if you are expecting an important guest or if you are planning to use the house on half yearly basis then this package is best suited according to your need.

PropCare tenders professional cleaning services for your HOME to make it Healthy and fully-functional! Our extensive experience, professional employees, flexible approach and advanced cleaning systems make your home safer and cleaner than ever before. We believe a clean place keeps you healthy and a healthy person lives 10 times happier. It is our mantra to provide 100% satisfactory result to our client.

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