Why selling/leasing a house is like an arranged marriage?

 Focused and rightful way of marketing of my property:

Buying a house is like arranged married, only a little less temporary and it costs more. What does one do when he/she wants to get married? They look for a match. That’s the obvious answer but it’s not the first step on the staircase.

When it comes to arranging a marriage, people are sold like a product. So first, we develop the product.  We lose weight, we get hair smoothening worth of Rs.6000, we update our wardrobe and we make sure that we meet a certain standard.

The same way, when sell/leasing a house, we make sure it meets a certain livable condition. We dress our house to sell/lease for more. We paint the walls, check the electrical equipment, replace cracked floor tiles, fix leaky taps, polish the kitchen cabinets, and fix the parking space.

This is the most basic to-do list one must check before he/she sells/leases the house. Once we’ve developed our product, what is the next step?

We let the word out.

In arrange marriage, your mother will let your whole family and her social circle know that you’re in the hunt for a husband/wife.

Sooner or later, the phone starts ringing and relatives you don’t even remember the names of will start suggesting you the person you plan on spending your life with.

Similarly, when to sell/leasing a property, you let everybody know that you’re selling/leasing by making calls to friends/family and acquaintances that might strike you as potential buyers. In case this doesn’t work, you hire a matchmaker. You trust somebody who you’re paying to find the person you’re going to spend your life with.

You tell the matchmaker your type, your needs and he/she begins the hunt for you while you sit at home eating popcorn and waiting for the phone to ring. Similarly, in the real estate world, you hire a real estate agent and you tell him how much you wish to sell/lease your house for, and then you wait.

If that doesn’t work as well, you up to your game another level. You log on to an online portal like shaadi.com and you get yourself registered and you upload the best profile picture you’ve ever had. Hell, you might even spend money to get a photoshoot, especially for that online portal.

Similarly, in the real estate world, you log on to magicbricks.com or 99acres.com and you list your house, maybe upload a professionally shot video with a view of your house and fill in the details and then, you wait for someone to make an offer.

These three are the first four steps for marketing your property which you must know if you intend to sell/lease it. 99%, one of these will get you a reasonable offer or a suitable husband/wife for that matter but if you think about it, it’s TOO much effort. Moreover, how do you trust another person who you don’t even know to sell/lease your house with the same passion that you would?

How do you expect a computer-based program to understand what type of people you want to sell/lease your house to?

In case you do it alone, are you ready to do the following things?

  1. 1.      Keep An Eye On The Competition.
  2. 2.      Make Yourself Easy to Contact.
  3. 3.      Create a Killer Business Card.
  4. 4.      Make Use of Local Images.

Create a Virtual Tour.

It’s TOO MUCH work and one might not have the patience or the skill to do all of that, which is exactly what makes sell/leasing a house difficult.

While I don’t have any solution to matchmaking, in the world of real estate, there’s a ONE STOP outsource to all your problems.

MyFollo is the solution to all of these problems. Right from grooming your house, to screening your buyer, we do it all with proper management and efficiency and at reasonable prices. Give it a try and you will realize how easy sell/leasing a house can actually be.

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