Interior Design Ideas for Rental Property

2020’s Best Interior Design Ideas for Rental Homes to Try Out

It’s 2020 and you are planning to give a new look to your beloved house. Got bored of that old false ceiling of your drawing room, or those outdated door handles? Renovating the house is essential to maintaining its charm. You don’t want to see that broken tile for the rest of your life when you get home after work. Interior designing can be a lot of fun to experiment with. You want to redesign your house interiors in two scenarios:

  1. You want to feel the freshness of your house again
  2. You want your guests or potential tenants to be intrigued by your beautiful residence

And we know that you are here exactly to read about the latter. In the blog, we will talk about the top 15 trending ideas for interior designs in India.

1. Paint it blue, baby!

Yes, blue is nowadays so confident a color that it’s certainly going to be the king choice in 2020! Don’t believe us? Sure. How about Pantone Color of the Year 2020 – the most trusted platform when it comes to product-purchasing decisions? This year, these guys have chosen the ‘classic blue’. The color will not only exude deep resonance but also increase the perspective of your house. A lot of interior design services trust the annual choice of Pantone, so you will not be disappointed for putting in so much faith in the bold blue too!

2. Go for traditional prints. Yes, again!

Look, we are no experts to tell how you will renovate your house. But what we are doing here is to merely inform you what’s going to trend predictably! Traditional prints like floral and chevron have reportedly come back, and we have included this to our list because we like them. Get on with your crazy interior design instincts as you can match these with contemporary pieces to bring back the old charm. Remember: vintage never obsoletes!

3. Or just stick to the neutrals!

2020 eagerly looks forward to neutral settings for your space. If you are the one that doesn’t like it loud and overpowering, you can choose neutrals with serene shades. And no – please don’t demean neutrals by calling them plain. If you are in love with whites that exude either warm or cool undertones, you very well understand that the haters are less informed. Try with shades of gray or beige. Warm to the front, and cool to the back!

4. Make your space tech-savvy!

For how freaking long will you be turning off switches in your house manually? Necessity is the mother of invention, so it’s time now to adapt to smart power connection in your house. From app-controlled lights, fans and ACs to gesture-controlled curtains, redesign your home décor not just in style but ‘smart style’.

5. Not just clean but a clear kitchen!
You may call up an interior design service and tell them to redesign your kitchen the clutter-free way. But wait! That trend has been up scaled. You will now see them organize your kitchen like nothing’s there for the naked eye! Yes, concealed kitchen settings are going to rule 2020. Nothing on the slab, nothing visible from the modular cabinets. You can even say goodbye to the sink and taps when not in use as they disappear into flush cabinets.

6. Get back to Crittall-style windows and doors!

If minimalism is your thing, you can get the good old steel-framed doors and windows, just the Crittall way. The interesting thing about the 2020 interior designing is that now this thing is going viral for making extensions, shower screens and room partitions. You will see in no time how well your space can dwell into a graphic look.

7. Experiment with metallic combinations!

We have predicted that metallic themes are going to be the game in 2020’s interior designing ideas. Bring in gold, brass or copper and play around creatively in your house. Metal décor can exude a more premium and regal feel to your living room and will garner praises from guests and cash from tenants!

8. Get sculptural furniture on board!

Like traditional prints, curved sofas too are going to be a major comeback in 2020 interior designs in India. High-back velvet armchairs with slim legs can enhance the texture of your space.

9. The unbeatable scallops!

If you go with the 5th point above, do not forget to try scalloped patterns on your modular cabinets. You can create a striking contrast of scallop and chevron too.

10. The spectacular false ceilings!

2020 brings you a plethora of false ceiling designs not just with plaster but wood too.

11. Decoration for empty walls!

Got that bland, unutilized area in your house? 2020 blesses us with the trend of oversized wall décor when you don’t want to put shelves and cabinets on the wall but also willing to keep it busy and interesting.

12. Bring the nature inside!

Research shows that in India, the indoor air is ten times more polluted than the outdoor air. Which is why, the new decade will witness vertical gardening and indoor plantations to keep the indoors fresh.

13. Also, enhance the outdoors!

So when you have brought in the flora and fauna inside, why not introduce your verandah and terrace to them? The future is terrace gardening with patio furniture so that you sip your cup of coffee beside nature and enjoy the morning breeze before leaving for work.

14. Go for the abstracts!

Art is quite subjective, so why not make it interesting for your guests or tenants? Have abstract art sculpted or painted on your walls, or get artistic and antique décors that compel the onlooker to make meaning out of them. Shows class!

15. Above all, be creative!
So the last point that we wanted to share with you is that you don’t have to feel too much worked up or stressed out while deciding your interior designs.

The key is to decide on what you find should be the best for your house. PropCare is an interior design service that has transformed tens of thousands of houses by installing modern décor. From modular kitchens to premium and plush sanitary fittings, they have got you covered. Contact them at +91-9821391006.

What do you get from an interior design service ?

If you have got the flair and sense of art but lack time because your boss at office loves you so much, you can outsource the task of house renovation to an interior designer. Here’s what you will get from an interior design service:

  1. Primarily, you will save a lot of time
  2. Designing is not merely decoration
  3. Of course you may have the flair of designing, but these guys are seasoned experts
  4. Designers have their way with many major material suppliers
  5. They are always well-updated with latest trends

Call PropCare at +91-9821391006 now to get the best curated and affordable rates for interior designing of your rental property.

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